Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Goats

Assalm alykom:

We now are venturing into goats. I do not really like them for their meat. I prefer sheep. However, I do love the milk for cheese and yogurt. I really know nothing about goat milking. I am sure it will be a big learning process for the whole family. All three goats are pregnant and we might be starting our milking adventure soon. Goats have more personality and are much smarter than sheep. we have had them less than a week and they have been out of the fencing three times already. They went right to where we store their corn, took the lid off the can, and they were feasting. They are pretty tame, and the kids love them. The white one with the beard lets us pet her the most. I cannot wait till they have their babies. They must be so cute!

More chickens

Assalm alykom:

Well, we added more chickens. We now have ten hens and two roosters. I thought I would get more eggs now. Well, I have had them for two weeks and no eggs. Someone told me they do not lay eggs as much when it is cold. When we got the new chickens we got these little tiny chickens. One is the rooster and the black one is a hen. SubhannaAllah, how Allah makes creatures of different sizes!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Love the View

Assalam alykom

I love the rolling hills that I can see from my front porch. I captured this picture of the moon as it was rising just after the sun set. The other picture is the same view, but it was in the morning as the sun was rising.

Borrowed Mowers

Assalm alykom

When we purchased our home, it had been left unkept and over grown for a long time. We have quite alot of overgrown pasture. Our few little sheep could never clear it out. Therefore, our friends thought that they would bring three of their horses over to help out a little. Two of them are ponies and the kids and I are really enjoying petting them everyday!

Our Chickens

Assalm alykom

We got our chickens, Alhamdolilah! Our frinds brought them over as a gift. I love the rooster! He is so big and beautiful. We had 4 hens, but I think a chicken hawk swooped down and got one. We are down to three. I just love the fresh eggs. they lay about one per day. I think if we got a few more hens, it would be better and I would get more eggs faster. My kids have already checked books out at the library on the chickens. They want to know how to raise and care for them.