Sunday, March 22, 2009

A few new birds

Assalam alykom:

I have been so busy with homeschooling and my farm, that I have not been able to give time to my blogs. We have a few new additions to our farm. We bought a few more chickens, a pair a guinea hens and a pair of white geese, and one turkey. The chickens are laying lots of eggs, and we are enjoying eating them. The guinea hens are scared most of the time, but they make beautiful sounds. The geese are very aggressive and chase and hiss at everyone on the farm. The kids have to show them who is boss. My little girls are especially venerable. They are about the size of the geese and the geese feel comfortable running them down. I told the girls to flap your arms and run at them when they do that to you. This seems to work, but when the girls are not paying attention the geese sneak up to them. It is funny and the girls love to chase them back. There is a sad story about our turkey. He was staying in the big barn in the back behind some boards. He felt comfortable in there so we let him. One morning we went out to feed everyone, but we could not find the turkey. I found alot of his feathers, but not him. Later that morning, we found his body in the pasture with his chest and head gone. I asked my local vet because I was afraid it was coyotes. I would then fear for my children. He said coyotes would eat it if it was already dead in the pasture, but they would unlikely enter the barn and kill it. He said that a raccoon would do this though. Sure enough a few days later after I prayed Fajr, I saw the raccoon in the pasture. It looked about 35-40 pounds. He is now on our hit list. I do not want it to kill any of my other birds. Our goats have finally kidded. So stay tuned for me to load up the cute pictures.