Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Winter Wonderland

The winter here has been very intense. Even though I grew up in rural Indiana, I spent my entire adult life in sunny Florida. This is our second year in the winter. I think it still takes some getting use to. This weekend, the temperatures are suppose to be 20 below. I hope my animals survive it. May Allah protect them and keep them warm. Here are some pictures of my farm. Notice the before and after of my barn.

Milking Goats

Milking goats are alot of fun! We have four now, Alhamdolilah, Two of them are producing milk, and two of them are pregnant. My husband and son built this nice milking stand. The goat gets on the stand, and we lock the wood piece around her neck. She is eating corn out of the bucket and most of the time pretty happy while I get the milk out. When I first tried it, it was hard to do. You have to push the milk up and then pull it down to the pan. It definitely has an art to doing it right. The kind of goates we have are called Limocha. If you notice, they have these ity bity tiny ears. It looks like we chopped their ears off. However, this is how God created them. We chose these goats because they are known to be the most calm. I have been making cheese from their milk and it is very delicious. Once I take some pictures, I will show you my cheese making adventure.