Friday, September 19, 2008

Animals, Birds, and Bugs

Assalam alykom:

Here is our small flock of "Organic" sheep. There are three young sheep and one baby who was an orphan. The kids were bottle feeding him at first, but now he can eat all by himself.

Some creatures I do not like. Take these creepy spiders.

My son brought this one in to show me. Wow, it is so beautiful, but I had the shivers at the thought of holding it. It is a garden spider and good to keep on the outside of the house.

These are little barn swallow babies that I found in the barn. They are sooooo adorable!

This is our new kitten. Her name is Sweety or Sicarah in Arabic. She is so good with the kids and they just adore her.

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ExpatMuslimah said...

As Salamualykum MashaAllaah congratualtions sister. I am glad for you, i shall be sending the link of your blog to dh! we should finally be getting our chickens after ramadhan, but i would also like goats at some point, just so we can have, organic free range out in the sunshine chickens, eggs and goats milk i hope!
don't thik we have the space for the goats though.
hope it goes well for you i am sure the children love it.
umm maryam